Some of Your Questions

- All stand made from hard wood (Tabak wood). So all our wood stand can be durable from sun and water. 

 - we using antique technic style coloring of our product. All new product but look like an antique with modern style we have 2 wood stand colors.
1. Antique brown - A classic original color
2. Antique white - a new color showing modern style

- we use polyester rope but texture is very similar to cotton rope. That make our hammock durable but soft 

- all of our product made from handcraft in every single inch. That's only made from our experience worker.

- it's not easy for handcraft work and premium grade raw material. We intend to produce product that fullfill all your style. We cocern no matter part it is - premium wood, high grade cushion or stainless steel bolt in every component.